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My Approach

I believe that compassion is a cornerstone of healing and wellness. I strive to build supportive, compassionate, and empathic relationships with my clients, balanced with an honest and direct communication style. My goal is to support my clients through a collaborative relationship that helps build healing resources for the difficulties in life.

I utilize trauma processing modalities of EMDR and ImTT in much of my counseling as I believe it provides greater benefits to my clients in fewer sessions. These modalities may be helpful with a wide range of client complaints including depression, social anxiety, poor self-esteem, and body image, frequent feelings of being overwhelmed, loneliness and fear of abandonment.

I tend to be "results oriented" and my desire is to help my clients achieve long lasting changes that support a more fulfilled and contented life.

I have worked with numerous clients over the years that have been in "talk therapy", but their symptoms were still difficult to live with.  Many of those clients have found significant, long-term reduction in or elimination of their symptoms through the use of different modalities that I utilize such as EMDR, ImTT, progress exposure. Not all clients have found as good of results, as no one modality works optimally for all clients.

Talk therapy has its place and is a favorite type of therapy for many people.  I am not a "talk therapist", although I utilize some elements of talk therapy with all my clients it not the focus of most sessions.

Please contact me and we can discuss what you are seeking and how I may be able to help you and the options that I can provide you with in counseling.  I do offer free 15- minute phone consultations, so call me today.  254-227-8454

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